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Large diameter Slewing Bearings – Precision in big dimensions

Large diameter Slewing Bearings – Precision in big dimensions

As a result of their flexible capabilities, the rugged large diameter Slewing Bearings from RODRIGUEZ are already operating in a large number of application areas.

Difficult ambient conditions, significant high load cases, specific turning characteristics and high lifetime benchmarks require suitable solutions: We at company RODRIGUEZ are well prepared for your requirements.

Our scope of supply in the field of large diameter Slewing Bearings contains Ball- and Roller Slewing Bearings, geared rims and customized solutions with integrated drives.

No matter if you are interested in a new design or an urgently required spare part, with internal or external gearing, even tooth belt or helical gearings: with a diameter up to 240 inch (6.100mm) RODRIGUEZ offers a suitable drive solution for nearly every application.

Features and benefits of RODRIGUEZ Slewing Bearings:

  • Maximum outer diameter of 240 inch (6.100 mm)
  • Internal and external gear up to module 30
  • Ground gears, tooth belt gearings and other specialized gears on request
  • Certified to meet EN 10204 requirements for materials, dimensions and operating specifications
  • Corrosion protected version
  • Customized engineering
  • Rapid construction of prototypes
  • Identical replacement parts for your operating ball and/or roller Slewing Bearings
  • Short delivery times

RODRIGUEZ is able to realize corrosion protected Slewing Bearings or tailor-made designs integrating your adjacent construction in time.

Take profit from more than 35 years of experience in construction, manufacturing and sales of efficient and reliable Slewing Bearing products. Specialized software solutions for lifetime calculations of raceways, bolt connections and gearings are just as much a part of our services as an extensive support of our customer service team.