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Double row axial angular contact bearings - guaranteed precision

The double row DRF/DRN-bearings are particularly suitable as a bearing for threaded spindles in modern machine tools. Their high rigidity and minimum runout guarantee a precise tool positioning and a reliable repeatability. 

The double row Axial Angular Contact Bearings are preloaded high precision bearings with a 60° contact angle. They can absorb radial and axial forces from both directions, are low maintenance, quick to install and allow very high revolution speeds. 

Radial thrust ball bearing: Advantages and properties

  • High axial rigidity
  • High resolution speeds
  • Highest precision
  • Low-maintenance
  • Reduced installation times

The following radial thrust ball bearings are immediately deliverable

  • DRF-1255-2RS
  • DRF-1560-2RS
  • DRF-1762-2RS
  • DRF-2068-2RS
  • DRF-2575-2RS
  • DRF-3080-2RS
  • DRF-40100-2RS
  • DRN-1545-2RS
  • DRN-1747-2RS
  • DRN-2052-2RS
  • DRN-2557-2RS
  • DRN-3062-2RS
  • DRN-4075-2RS

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