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Linear roundrails - classic components for reliable linear motion

Rodriguez linear roundrails - The economic solution

Linear roundtrails are long established as machine elements for the execution of linear motions and have optimally withstood the test of time in industrial applications. They can be used for example as adjusting units in automation tasks.

Linear roundtrails are robust, reliable, powerful and – due to their simple construction – very economical. The construction of the roundtrails, which is based on hardened guide carriages in combination with different linear-motion bearings or linear-motion bushes, allows many possibilities for variation. Rodriguez also offers sliding bearing variants.

In addition to the type of bearing, there is also a broad spectrum of guide elements to choose from. Mounting the guide shaft on different shaft supports and the use of open guide elements create additional possibilities for variations. Linear roundtrails with shaft support provide an economical and robust alternative to profiled rail guides.

The Rodriguez product range is therefore dimensioned accordingly:
It includes:

  • Precision shafts made of different materials
  • Linear ball bushings for all performance levels
  • Linear slide bushings (ceramic/self lubricating)
  • Linear housings and components
  • Shaft support blocks and shaft support rails
  • Customer specific applications

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