Rodriguez - Precision in Motion

Precision bearing applications

Integrated solutions with thin-section bearings

Rodriguez developed a driven rotary table with customized stainless steel KAYDON thin-section bearings for a cleanroom application. The end result was a high-precision positioning system. The scope of service included the manufacturing of aluminium components, the sourcing of measuring modules, the upgrading of the thin-section bearings with a special cleanroom grease, the assembling of the complete unit including the measurement system as well as complete quality and functionality testing, even for the measuring module. This involved all values being logged and passed on to the customer.

The compact precision rotary tables are characterised by excellent repeatability, high resolution and outstanding running accuracy. The use of angular contact bearings enables high load capacity and freedom from clearance.

High-precision wood milling

Rodriguez developed a system solution/value added product for a milling head for the wood-processing industry. This involved replacing a cross roller bearing and two thin-section bearings with a system solution/value added product. Integrating a hollow shaft as a raceway and two outer rings in a flange configuration as well as an geared outer ring enabled the development of an extremely compact milling head with direct-drive motor.

Bearing system for a cable camera system

In this project Rodriguez developed a special bearing system for a small direct-drive motor. The motor was adapted directly to the bearing system. The use of two identical bearing systems reduced the number of interfaces and components significantly.

Flange bearing system in semi-conductor technology

One of Rodriguez’s system solutions/value added products was used in a flange bearing system for wafer handling. Integrating flanges on the thin-section bearing facilitated easier mounting for users and an improved system performance.