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Miniature turntable bearings: top performance in the tightest of spaces

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At Rodriguez, miniature turntable bearings are customized solutions, produced on in-house machining equipment. They are available with internal or external gear and without gear. These innovative bearings convince through a small cross section and a particularly compact design: inner diameters off 30 mm are possible at a cross section of approx. 6.5 mm.

The miniature turntable bearings are made of stainless steel whereby Rodriguez manufactures the bearings according to the individual requirements of their customers – modifications are not only possible in relation to material, but also for the drilling pattern, the seal and the shape of the rings. Corrosion protected versions are also available. Integrating certain functions in the bearing – such as grooves with control functions or mountings and brackets – makes it possible to reduce the number of the needed components. This reduces the number of interfaces, which in turn prevents errors and contributes to a higher system accuracy.

Thanks to their various positive attributes, Rodriguez miniature turntable bearings have proved effective in a variety of sectors such as semiconductor production, optics, medical devices, measurement technology and automation.


Advantages of miniature turntable bearings

  • Compact design, low weight, small cross-section
  • Customizable
  • Also available in small quantities
  • Available with internal or external gear and without gear
  • Gearing in modular or toothed belt version
  • Corrosion protected versions possible
  • Simple and thus cost-effective installation
  • Partly available from stock