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Thin-section bearings - Lightweights with a small cross-section

Thin-race bearings

In the manual axes of painting robots in the automotive industry.

The Rodriguez thin-section bearing product range offers 250 different types in inch and metric dimensions, as well as hybrid versions with ceramic balls - divided into


  • REALI-SLIM® thin-section bearings
  • ULTRA-SLIM ® thin-section bearings
  • Metric thin-section bearings
  • Hybrid thin-section bearings

All Rodriguez thin-section bearings meet the highest standards regarding efficiency, miniaturization, weight reduction and compactness. 

REALI-SLIM® thin-section bearings – compact and lightweight roller bearings

REALI-SLIM® thin-section bearings - slim and compact

Modern designs rely on a compact design, low weight and miniaturization. This highly engineered bearings, such as the KAYDON REALI-SLIM® thin-section bearings are an ideal solution. Each series of REALI-SLIM® thin-section bearings is based on a single cross-section that remains constant even with increasing bore diameter - that is truly something unique! Thanks to this design novelty, solid shafts can now be replaced with hollow shafts. The interior of the hollow shaft provides space for components such as air or hydraulic lines, electrical wiring or slip rings.

For a large number of applications, a four-point contact REALI-SLIM® thin-section bearing can even replace two bearings. This allows a more compact design and simplifies the installation.


Typical applications for REALI-SLIM® thin-section bearings:

  • Aircraft and aerospace
  • Aerospace
  • Assembly and feeder machines
  • Food industry
  • Rotation tables
  • Packaging technology
  • Machine tools
  • Medical technology
  • Optical scanners
  • Satellite and communication technology
  • Robotics Textile machines
  • Pipe-cutting machines
  • Semiconductor industry 

ULTRA-SLIM® thin-section bearings – compact and space-saving roller bearings

ULTRA-SLIM® thin-section bearings

With a cross-section of only 2.5 to 3 millimeters, the ULTRA-SLIM® thin-section bearings are available in boresizes ranging from 35 to 200 millimeters, for an array of applications requiring compact motion control design components.


The precision-engineered ULTRA-SLIM® thin-section bearings are made of stainless steel rings and ceramic balls for corrosion resistant and suitable for vacuum environments.

Rodriguez offers the ULTRA-SLIM® bearings as angular contact bearings (type A), radial ball bearings (type C) and 4-point-contact bearings (type X). Customer-specific solutions are also possible.


Features and benefits of the ULTRA-SLIM thin-section bearings

  • Low weight
  • Space saving
  • Small cross-section
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Vacuum application suitable
  • Diameter 35 - 200 mm
  • Stainless steel rings + ceramic balls 

Metric thin-section bearing - The original in metric dimensions

Metric thin-section bearings

 Thin-section bearings in a metric design reduce the design effort. A conversion to metric dimensions is no longer required - which in turn saves time. In addition, they are characterized by the typical advantages of Rodriguez thin-section bearings: their light weight and small cross-section.

All Rodriguez metric thin-section bearings are available either as radial, angular or four-point-contact bearings. 

Hybrid thin-section bearings from Rodriguez - Perfect for vacuum and clean room applications

Hybrid thin-section bearings - For clean-room applications

Abrasion and high temperature resistant ceramic balls are the rolling elements of hybrid thin-section bearings. Rodriguez offers this special bearing with a cage of metal or plastic, as well as full compliment version without cage. Hybrid bearings are very well suited for applications where lubrication is marginal, therefore the right solution for vacuum and clean room applications.


Features and benefits of the hybrid thin-section bearings

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Lowest contamination
  • For poor lubrication and for dry running
  • High-temperature range
  • Clean room and vacuum suitable 
REALI-DESIGN® software
REALI-DESIGN® software

Specialized engineering software

The REALI-DESIGN® engineering software is available for the bearing selection and design concepts for REALI-SLIM® thin-section bearings from KAYDON®/Rodriguez. The program accelerates and precisely defines the selection and design process. The software provides users with useful tools, information and data. These include a complete, CAD-ready DXF library, a program to create data sheets as well as training modules and a whole lot more.


The REALI-DESIGN MM™ is specifically provided for the design and calculation of metric bearings.

Click here to order the software free of charge or visit KAYDON® at www.kaydonbearings.com and download the version REALI-DESIGN MM™ from there. 

Real Slim and Ultra Slim - CAD Download