Rodriguez - Precision in Motion

Servotube linear motor - Measuring system integrated

The cylindrical linear motors from Rodriguez convince with their compact design. Miniature linear servo motors from Rodriguez - 11 mm diameter.

The Servotube from Rodriguez is a three phase brushless linear motor. Its magnets are arranged in the form of a round bar. Therefore, they can operate free from lateral forces. An integrated measuring system consisting of Hall sensors provides reliable positioning data even under the roughest ambient conditions. In a wide range of speeds the linear motor is very well suited for high accelerations. It is maintenance and play-free, and therefore able to convince through the high precision and strength it demonstrates. Rodriguez linear motors consume very little electricity, do not require any additional cooling and ensure a smooth running. They can be operated with all industry-common servo controllers and are available as individual modules or as complete systems. If necessary, several motors can be mounted on a single axis.

Features and benefits of the Rodriguez linear motors

  • High accelerations
  • Wide speed range
  • Highest precision
  • High stability
  • Maintenance free
  • No play
  • Also available as a miniature version ø11 mm
  • Low power consumption
  • No additional cooling required
  • Smooth running
  • Can be operated with all industry-common servo controllers
  • Single modules and systems
  • Several motors on one axis

Controller - Ideally aligned

Although Rodriguez-linear motors can be operated with all standard controllers, Rodriguez still offers a tailor-made multi-axis controller. A real-time controller with a Windows-based developer environment which has up to 256 digital in and outputs. The user-friendly controller with an intuitive graphical user interface is designed specifically for high-end applications.

Features and benefits of the Rodriguez controller

  • Multiple-axis controlling, real-time
  • Windows based development environment
  • Up to 256 digital in and outputs
  • Designed for high-end-applications
  • Easy to operate graphic surface