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Float-on™ castors - Transport made simple

Float-On castors made of rubber (black) for standard applications or wear-resistant polyurethane (red)

The float-on castors from Rodriguez which were originally designed for transporting glass elements are also very well suited for transporting goods made of granite, wood, plastic, paper or cardboard. The castors can move light to heavy loads with minimal effort and allow fast as well as flexible changes of direction. They are suitable for use in wet as well as dry environments. 

Rodriguez offers application-oriented versions of the Float-on castors in a right and left alignment, and currently also two sizes with ball diameters of 35 mm and 50 mm. For standard applications, ball holders made of galvanized BZP steel are available. The stainless steel version is suitable for more demanding applications. The mounting is performed via a 14 mm bore hole. The height of the ball can be adjusted after the fixation of the base.

Features and benefits of the Float-on casters

  • Easy transporting of sheetmaterials such as glass, granite or paper
  • Flexible
  • Rapid directional changes possible
  • Designed to be used in wet and dry conditions